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In-year School Transfer Application

Please complete the online application if you would like to apply for an in-year school transfer place in Derby.

  • When you complete your application, please list three different schools in order of preference.
  • We will process your application according to how you have ranked your schools. You will receive a written decision from us within 15 working days.
  • To find your school, or for more information about a school please visit our Schools information page [link opens in a new browser window].

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Part 1 - Parent / Carer details

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* Do you have parental responsibility for the child?
* Relationship to child
* If "Other", please give details
* Is the child looked after or in the care of a local authority?
* Has the child previously been in care or adopted? If "yes", proof may need to be supplied
* If "Yes" by which authority

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