School Admissions Form

Please complete the application form if you want to apply for a school in Derby City Council’s area. When you complete your application form you will have the opportunity to express preferences in rank order for up to three schools in Derby City. You will also be able to state the reasons for your preferences.

We will process your application form according to how you have ranked your schools and you will receive a written decision from us within 15 working days.

To find out your school catchment area, or more information about a school please see the Schools information page [link opens in a new browser window].

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Part 1 - Parent / Carer details

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* Do you have parental responsibility for the child?
* Relationship to child
* If "Other", please give details
* Is the child looked after or in the care of a local authority?
* Has the child previously been in care or adopted - if yes is selected proof may need to be supplied
* If "Yes" by which authority

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