Planning Enforcement Complaint Form

Please use this form to tell us of an alleged breach of planning control. Before reporting an alleged breach please read through our Planning Enforcement section to check what we can and cannot investigate and how we will deal with your complaint.

So that we can contact you regarding the complaint, please provide your name and at least one other complainant's details below. If you provide your email address you will receive an automatic acknowledgement for your records. We cannot accept anonymous reports.

When you have completed the form press the Send button at the bottom of the form, if there are any details missed that we will require, you will be asked to fill in the relevant section before the form can be sent.

Visit our Planning Enforcement page for more information on enforcements.

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Complaint Details

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Alleged Breach Details

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Name(s) of person(s) responsible for the alleged breach (if known)
Address(es) of person(s) responsible for the alleged breach (if known)
Briefly describe how the alleged breach affects you or your property
Please provide any other information that may assist our investigation

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