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Freedom of Information Requests

Most of this disclosure log is owned by the Council and is published under the Open Government Licence which means it can be used for research, reporting or publication.

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Other information we publish can be found in the Publication Scheme or in our Open Data datasets.

Types of requests received

  • FOI - Freedom of Information Requests
  • EIR - Environmental Information Regulations

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All records returned

Case reference Date information supplied Subject Type of request Actions
FOI536316354 04/02/2022 Abandoned Vehicles EIR
FOI466671103 04/02/2022 Parking Enforcement EIR
FOI095097784 04/02/2022 Private Sector Housing FOI
FOI229886468 04/02/2022 Direct Payments in Social Care FOI
FOI574188101 04/02/2022 Parking Fines EIR
FOI064521795 02/02/2022 Deaths in accomodation FOI
FOI910316589 01/02/2022 Children of Alcoholics FOI
FOI879170484 31/01/2022 Article 4 EIR
FOI338578761 28/01/2022 Social Care Support Products FOI
FOI173923038 28/01/2022 Homeless FOI
FOI635482635 28/01/2022 Children's Social Care FOI
FOI389190986 28/01/2022 Slipping on floor FOI
FOI388927416 27/01/2022 Food Hygiene FOI
FOI377978673 27/01/2022 Boundary Land EIR
FOI418465357 26/01/2022 IT Applications FOI
FOI146263359 25/01/2022 Weight Management Services FOI
FOI338561415 25/01/2022 Energy enhancements EIR
FOI176993374 25/01/2022 Bridges EIR
FOI088914335 25/01/2022 LA Facilities Management FOI
FOI051207947 25/01/2022 Public Relations FOI