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Freedom of Information Requests

Most of this disclosure log is owned by the Council and is published under the Open Government Licence which means it can be used for research, reporting or publication.

If we do not own it, copyright licensing rules apply and you must get the owner’s permission to use it.

Information cannot be edited or used selectively to distort or misrepresent it.

Some information may be redacted (removed) if an exemption applies, for example if it is personal data or is commercially sensitive.

Other information we publish can be found in the Publication Scheme or in our Open Data datasets.

Types of requests received

  • FOI - Freedom of Information Requests
  • EIR - Environmental Information Regulations

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All records returned

Case reference Date information supplied Subject Type of request Actions
FOI721968723 24/02/2022 S42 investigations FOI
FOI426043152 24/02/2022 Elder Care Costs FOI
FOI818568050 24/02/2022 Policies FOI
FOI095133668 23/02/2022 Care home closures due to Covid FOI
FOI005671544 23/02/2022 Flooding UNIs EIR
FOI643765453 22/02/2022 Derby and Derbyshire Joint Waste Treatment Centre on Sinfin Lane Derby EIR
FOI153662721 21/02/2022 Bus Lane PCNs EIR
FOI395525307 21/02/2022 Planning FOI
FOI593162853 21/02/2022 Transport Software FOI
FOI536499918 21/02/2022 Air Quality Management EIR
FOI899467130 21/02/2022 Performance Management FOI
FOI223169474 18/02/2022 Sexual Health Services FOI
FOI395141298 18/02/2022 Planning comment EIR
FOI388626628 18/02/2022 Council's Housing Department FOI
FOI394608838 18/02/2022 Section 106 EIR
FOI311442890 18/02/2022 Council Flights FOI
FOI118428156 18/02/2022 Children Services Commissioner FOI
FOI704017176 17/02/2022 council staff strike FOI
FOI400931472 17/02/2022 Council Tax Student Exemption FOI
FOI167306743 15/02/2022 Bin collection rates EIR