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Freedom of Information Requests

Most of this disclosure log is owned by the Council and is published under the Open Government Licence which means it can be used for research, reporting or publication.

If we do not own it, copyright licensing rules apply and you must get the owner’s permission to use it.

Information cannot be edited or used selectively to distort or misrepresent it.

Some information may be redacted (removed) if an exemption applies, for example if it is personal data or is commercially sensitive.

Other information we publish can be found in the Publication Scheme or in our Open Data datasets.

Types of requests received

  • FOI - Freedom of Information Requests
  • EIR - Environmental Information Regulations

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All records returned

Ref Date information supplied Subject Type of request Actions
15259 06/05/2021 Complaints made by residential tenants FOI
15091 06/05/2021 information relating to design. FOI
15256 04/05/2021 Library Service FOI
15246 04/05/2021 Climate Change EIR
15247 04/05/2021 Care home fees and providers FOI
15250 04/05/2021 Street Lighting EIR
15198 29/04/2021 Parking Fixed Penalty Notices EIR
15106 29/04/2021 Safeguarding Referrals FOI
15161 29/04/2021 Everyone In scheme FOI
15243 28/04/2021 Homelessness Team FOI
15244 28/04/2021 Business Rates Derby County Football Club FOI
15239 27/04/2021 Domestic Abuse Local Partnership Board FOI
15240 27/04/2021 Age testing of asylum seekers FOI
15100 27/04/2021 Information relating to one friar gate square FOI
15232 26/04/2021 Traffic Light Sequences FOI
15233 26/04/2021 Pothole compensation EIR
15234 26/04/2021 Acid Tar Lagoons EIR
15235 26/04/2021 Alterations and Removals of structures/buildings FOI
15236 26/04/2021 Review/reappraisal/redisplay/alteration of items in relation to slavery, empire, colonialism or the Black Lives Matter movement FOI
15237 26/04/2021 Grant Schemes FOI