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Freedom of Information Requests

Most of this disclosure log is owned by the Council and is published under the Open Government Licence which means it can be used for research, reporting or publication.

If we do not own it, copyright licensing rules apply and you must get the owner’s permission to use it.

Information cannot be edited or used selectively to distort or misrepresent it.

Some information may be redacted (removed) if an exemption applies, for example if it is personal data or is commercially sensitive.

Other information we publish can be found in the Publication Scheme or in our Open Data datasets.

Types of requests received

  • FOI - Freedom of Information Requests
  • EIR - Environmental Information Regulations

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All records returned

Case reference Date information supplied Subject Type of request Actions
FOI288378710 13/05/2022 Spend on refreshments FOI
FOI721679876 13/05/2022 Unregulated Homes and Liability FOI
FOI228532981 12/05/2022 Officers Information Updates 2022 FOI
FOI477400580 12/05/2022 MIPIM conference FOI
FOI414645414 12/05/2022 Flood risk information EIR
FOI844218652 12/05/2022 Care Home and Social Housing FOI
FOI105005997 12/05/2022 A52 Park Bridge EIR
FOI376842555 12/05/2022 Apprenticeships FOI
FOI158454701 12/05/2022 Recycling Fines EIR
FOI141758199 11/05/2022 Food Hygiene FOI
FOI556638973 11/05/2022 Food Hygiene FOI
FOI452588702 11/05/2022 Trees EIR
FOI414155694 11/05/2022 Adoption statistics FOI
FOI326493444 11/05/2022 Homes for Ukraine scheme FOI
FOI021082962 11/05/2022 Disabled Facilities Grants FOI
FOI280623009 11/05/2022 Electronic Signing FOI
FOI028849351 09/05/2022 PCNs EIR
FOI009492352 09/05/2022 Healthcare Options FOI
FOI042447000 09/05/2022 Taxi Licensing FOI
FOI413825022 09/05/2022 Food Hygiene FOI