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Freedom of Information Requests

Most of this disclosure log is owned by the Council and is published under the Open Government Licence which means it can be used for research, reporting or publication.

If we do not own it, copyright licensing rules apply and you must get the owner’s permission to use it.

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Other information we publish can be found in the Publication Scheme or in our Open Data datasets.

Types of requests received

  • FOI - Freedom of Information Requests
  • EIR - Environmental Information Regulations

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All records returned

Case reference Date information supplied Subject Type of request Actions
EIR 12312 15/01/2019 Request for information on highway bond provisions. EIR
FOI 12374 15/01/2019 Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) FOI
FOI 12306 14/01/2019 Accommodation for Asylum seekers FOI
FOI 12304 14/01/2019 Allegations made by children against anybody working with children FOI
FOI 12300 14/01/2019 Formal and informal policy for policy maternity, paternity, adoption & kinship care in place for Councillors FOI
FOI 12290 11/01/2019 October 2018 food hygiene reports FOI
FOI 12291 11/01/2019 Ecological experts currently employed by DCC FOI
FOI 12381 11/01/2019 Public Health Funerals FOI
FOI 12382 11/01/2019 Public Health Funerals FOI
FOI 12288 10/01/2019 Dixy's Chicken Food Hygiene Report FOI
FOI 12301 10/01/2019 Request for information on policies available at the Council to support community led housing, the grants given to community led housing organisations and land disposals or leases the council has made to community led housing groups or organisations since 2010 and the availability of staff that support community led housing. FOI
FOI 12296 10/01/2019 Children without a school place FOI
FOI 12285 09/01/2019 Child work permits FOI
FOI 12361 09/01/2019 List of all establishments in your jurisdiction which have been issued a licence to show films, both "theatrical" and "non-theatrical". FOI
EIR 12373 09/01/2019 Public Rights of Way Data EIR
FOI 12359 08/01/2019 Software used to calculate Council Tax FOI
FOI 12360 08/01/2019 Derby City Council inception history FOI
FOI 12295 08/01/2019 Request for information in relation to physical and sexual assault of teachers at and near the school premises in the last three years and compensation granted to teachers assaulted on school grounds. FOI
EIR 12307 08/01/2019 Request for information relating to building regulations ref 02/00435/FP and details of all the faults raised with information on the outcomes with dates and who completed the work. EIR
FOI 12318 07/01/2019 People age 65 and over who live in Derbyshire council area FOI