Freedom of Information Requests

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Types of requests received:

  • FOI - Freedom of Information Requests
  • EIR - Environmental Information Regulations

All records returned.

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Ref Date information supplied Subject Type of request Actions
13278 23/08/2019 Spend on products FOI
13288 23/08/2019 Press officers FOI
13399 23/08/2019 Business Rates Credit Balances FOI
13276 22/08/2019 Contract for the provision of burial/cremation EIR
13285 22/08/2019 Planning applications EIR
13286 22/08/2019 Planning objections EIR
13300 22/08/2019 Tree Preservation Orders EIR
13280 22/08/2019 Varsity Grange EIR
13283 22/08/2019 Adult social care contact details FOI
13272 22/08/2019 Looked after children FOI
13273 22/08/2019 Demolition orders EIR
13274 22/08/2019 Independent care providers FOI
13196 22/08/2019 Prompt Invoice Payment FOI
13266 21/08/2019 Number of and cost of assessments completed by external agencies and independent Social Workers FOI
13271 21/08/2019 Compulsory Purchase Orders EIR
13282 21/08/2019 School Uniform Grants FOI
13284 20/08/2019 Deferred payments FOI
13378 20/08/2019 Business rates FOI
13258 20/08/2019 Fines EIR
13259 20/08/2019 Private rented homes FOI