Freedom of Information Requests

Most of the information on these pages is owned by the Council and is published under Open Government Licence which means it can be used for research, reporting or publication.

However, where the information listed is not owned by the Council, copyright licensing rules apply and you must get the information owner permission to use it.

The information cannot be edited or used selectively to distort or misrepresent the data as a whole.

Some information may be removed, known as redaction, of a Freedom of Information Act exemption. For example, because it includes personal information that could identify an individual, or information that is commercially sensitive.

Types of requests received:

  • EIR - Environmental Information Regulations
  • FOI - Freedom of Information Requests

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Ref Date information supplied Subject Type of request Actions
12069 24/12/2018  Food Registration   FOI  
12187 12/12/2018  Derby City Schools - 2017/18 statistics   FOI  
12210 12/12/2018  Private Security   FOI  
12182 10/12/2018  noise complaints   EIR  
12198 10/12/2018  Land searches   EIR  
12189 10/12/2018  Access Road Repairs   FOI  
12173 10/12/2018  Business rates   FOI  
12175 10/12/2018  Street lighting in Derby   FOI  
12201 10/12/2018  Business rates   FOI  
12209 10/12/2018  BACS software contract   FOI  
12089 10/12/2018  Brexit   FOI  
12108 07/12/2018  Trading Standards and Environmental Health Services   FOI