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Cypripedium calceolus


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First year: 1800
Latest year: 1800

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Monads: 0 1
Tetrads: 0 1
Hectads: 0 2

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P, O, M, J, G, E, AA

Account last edited
Jan 16 2006

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Species Details

(Locally extinct) Lady's-slipper was a native perennial of lightly shaded limestone scree slopes, last seen below cliffs at The Heights of Abraham (SK25) around the early 1800s. Writing about this sole location, the Derby botanist J. Whittaker wrote: "long since extirpated from the county" (Crewe & Whittaker, 1864). This suggests that over-collecting was the cause of its demise here, though no specimen has yet been found in any UK herbarium. In 1933 an orchid of continental origin was planted in woodland near its original location, but it did not survive (Garnett, 1934).

This plant is in Category 6 of the local Red Data List, 2009.