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The Flora of Derbyshire - Checklist, Maps and Sample Accounts

The species account below is an early version, drafted around 2003. It has been provided here to aid understanding, but please be aware it may not fully tally with the up-to-date map and statistics shown below.

Lythrum junceum

False Grass-poly

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First year: 1971
Latest year: 2000

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Monads: 2 3
Tetrads: 1 2
Hectads: 1 2

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Account last edited
Feb 15 2007

Explanation of terms

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Species Details

False Grass-poly is a very rare casual perennial of parks and waste ground. Recent records are from Scarcliffe Park (SK5070,5170). This bird-seed alien from the Mediterranean was first seen at Belper (SK3547), from where is specimen is kept at Derby Museum.